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Overview of ImageGen

ImageGen provides a fast and simple way to dynamically resize images and generate text graphics on your web site.

Do you need to create photo galleries, screenshot flip books, staff profile or directory pages? Would you like to automatically create graphical text from any font on your server for headlines or menus? Do you need to protect your site's images with a watermark? Don’t waste your valuable time manually creating, resizing, or editing each image in Photoshop.

ImageGen is an easy-to-use application for your ASP.NET 2.0 website that automatically resizes photos, screenshots, and images from icon to thumbnail to full-screen sizes. ImageGen can create text graphics as well as overlay text on images, which is particularly useful for making image-based navigation with styled dynamic text on top. And ImageGen can automatically protect and brand your images with watermarks and corporate logos.

With more than 30 options, ImageGen can create hundreds of thousands of variations to meet virtually any need. ImageGen is easy to install and use on your website. ImageGen creates extremely high-quality images quickly. And ImageGen's advanced caching means images are served immediately for fast and responsive websites.

With ImageGen, you can upload and go!

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