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What People are Saying about ImageGen

It’s really great – superb and ideal documentation work as well! It took me five minutes to get going – kudos!

Thanks again. The software is SO useful. I'm not sure there IS a substitute.

I really appreciate the work you guys did on this software!!!

Thanks again for a great tool!

ImageGen is übercool

Just implemented ImageGen on a very image-intensive site, and I'm very very impressed with the power and speed of your software

It's a huge timesaver!

I really love your work

Awesome, thanks Doug. Full documentation too - wow! i love it

ImageGen is great

Many thanks Doug! Just installed this and it works beautifully!

ImageGen solved the problem

ImageGen and XSLT Search [are] two of the (in my book) most powerfull and widely used plugins for Umbraco

I really like the ImageGen!

ImageGen is a very powerful tool

I would strongly recommend using ImageGen

Have a look at the ImageGen plugin, that one is pure gold for image manipulation

I'm impressed! This ImageGen is very powerfull! Nice work!

It’s a great time & code saver

ImageGen is just the bomb of all bombs (yes, that's a really good thing!)