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Audience for Umbraco Fundamentals Certification Course

The Umbraco Fundamentals class is all about enabling web-developers and web-designers to build beautiful managed websites. After 2 focused days, you will be able to turn any static html design into a powerful Umbraco website, fully managed and with a user-friendly interface for your editors. 

  • Convert any html into a managed website
  • Integrate dynamic media and content
  • Build websites in multiple languages
  • Integrate forms without any code
  • Learn best practices and productivity tips to push your skills and sites further
  • Includes the valuable Umbraco Level 1 certification
  • and more!


A student should have familiarity with HTML — since we're building websites we'll see a fair amount of it and if HTML is totally foreign that would cause frustration.

A student should have familiarity with programming concepts -- we will use Razor to add logic to our site. Nearly a third of the course is spent working with Razor and though knowledge of Razor isn't required we do assume a knowledge of and skill with general programming ideas such as assigning and using variables, if conditionals, for-each loops, etc.

In short, this isn't a course for content editors, this is a course for people who will be involved in building sites for others to maintain.

Each student must bring his own laptop with Umbraco installed and running.

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