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Student Testimonials

If you're new to Umbraco, I highly recommend the umbraco level 1 training.  Even if you're not new, I guarantee you'll learn something new about Umbraco during training.  Four developers here went through level 1 training last month with Doug Robar and we all found it very useful, despite having used umbraco for production sites for over a year.

Already we have noticed an increased awareness of Umbraco within our sector and region, so for us having a differentiator (certified solution provider) between us and other similar companies using the system can only be beneficial.  We've already had a phone inquiry from a major potential client based on finding our umbraco blog posts. That has to be balanced with the cost of the course, but if it even wins you one job it's worthwhile.
- Dan D.

Having worked with Umbraco for a year, I was confident I had a pretty good grasp of the basics, but thought I would attend the Level 1 training with Doug to make sure I was following best practises and to make sure I wasn't missing out on any hidden gems. Boy am I glad I did.

Whilst most of my knowledge was correct (thanks mainly to the amazing community), it was such a great experience to have everything explained so clearly. Things that I had been putting off (such as multilingual sites), suddenly became so simple to implement, you wonder what all the fuss was about.

Whilst the course itself is a winner, the thing that really made it worth while for me, is just having a guy there with real world knowledge of Umbraco to ask questions. There wasn't a question I could ask that Doug couldn't answer (or he knew someone that could). Truly the best money spent in a long time. I only wish I had gone on the course sooner.
- Matt B.

I have now undertaken level 1 training with Doug, quite simply I cannot recommend this course highly enough. I was unsure at first whether I would get value out of the training or if I could just learn what I needed to from Umbraco.TV and trying out Umbraco.

Taking the level 1 training probably shortcut this journey by a year and even then I'm not sure I would have learnt the extra tricks and tips that the training gives you. I now have a very sound foundation of Umbraco and of top of this I learnt about packages that will probably save me enough time to pay back the cost of training in my first project.

Not only is Doug a great guy but he knows Umbraco inside out.

Highly recommended, thanks Doug!
- Rich G. 

Doug was patient, knowledgeable, and a very good teacher. He has a knack for explaining things in a way that is understandable. ... The fact that he was willing and able to adapt the direction of the course on the fly made it most valuable for us. Seldom does one get exactly what they need from a training experience, but I think that's exactly what we got. ... I can't recommend him highly enough.
- Pete K. 

Douglas is the most thorough and detail-oriented person I've ever worked with. And that's said in the most positive meaning. Luckily he has accepted to run Level 1 courses in the UK and we couldn't have found a better person.
- Niels Hartvig, umbraco founder