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What People are Saying about XSLTsearch

Awesome work with the search, not only is it a great extension, your comments help a long way to understand XSLT in general.

With the XSLT Search he has given the community both an excellent tutorial in XSLT, as well as an easily implemented search function.

I've been amazed how great XSLTSearch is, and I would definately recommend it for small-medium sites. It's plug'n'play, fast, customizable and really easy to setup! And oh - not to mention the documentation!

Percipient Studios has released two high quality tools ImageGen and XSLTsearch which I use per default.

Depending on how big your site is, why don't you use the XSLT search approach - it's much more customizable [than lucene].

You're my Hero of The Day! And thanks again for sharing XSLT Search!

XSLTsearch is a brilliant, powerful yet simple solution.

XSLTsearch brings search to the 'everyman'.